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  1. I have a non smart TV and Saorview box. Can I use a capture card to download from RTE player? How do I do it and can someone suggest a card?
    woud this be OK
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    Allow me to start this off.

    Very few would know what a Saorview Box is (unless, like me, one used Google as their friend). Same with RTE Player which, I guess, is part of this process (since the broadcaster owns that process).

    Yet neither, if the output is by HDMI, matters not.

    No HDMI box, would 'legally' output an non-copyright-protected signal over HDMI so one has to consider HDCP as part of the process. True that there are many devices - hdmi splitters - that have over-ridden such protection yet by Googling these named devices (and the reports on here ) that such devices which could have worked in the past no longer, for whatever reason, do so.

    But I do see many 'Saorview' boxes much like one saw many UK '$ky' boxes. But, like in the past, if these had composite outputs one could use a basic capture devices. And our discussion would be very different.

    So you would have better options if there is a online resource for this content. But discussion of this belongs elsewhere.
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  3. Thanks to the person who sent me pm only saw it today
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