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  1. Happy Saturday everyone.

    Today I tried to burn a video image onto a brand new Verbatim DVD+R DL using ImgBurn. The write failed on the first attempt, but was successful on the second try. The only oddity I noticed in the first burn was that I set the write speed to 2.4x, but ImgBurn displayed a message that my burner could only burn these discs at 3x, 4x, or 6x. The error message that led to burn failure was "Invalid Address For Write." I then tried to burn the file again with another Verbatim disc from the same batch. The only change I made was to burn at 6x speed. The burn worked and the disc plays perfectly in my DVD player.

    I've attached the log for both burns. Would anyone be willing to take a look and offer ideas on why the first burn failed?

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    I wouldn't worry about a bad burn due to a speed problem,most likely a bad disc or hair or dust got on it.If you looked at the log it was burned at 3x.
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