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  1. I know this is a long shot - but can anyone account for the whereabouts of software designer @ChrissyBoy ? Like others I've been using the paid version of VOB2MPG Pro for over 10 years. It continues to deliver amazing conversions of job files into mpg files. I've had to recently reformat my computer and find the registration process no longer works for unlocking the paid version from freeware. In the past I've always had email responses from Chris who fixes this at his end allowing registration to complete.

    I've tried reaching him on all previous email addresses without success. Does anyone have current contact details for him so I can reach out for the program fix please????

    thanks in advance,
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  2. Unfortunately you've no chance I paid 20 for the SVCD2DVD way back in 2008 & just like you & many others are unable to reactivate any of the programs by the developer the software is now defunct & obsolete all emails bounce back.I even live in the same county Yorkshire as the developer.Time to look elsewhere for an alternative.
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    AVIDemux. Open the first VOB and AVIDemux will offer to open the followers. Use the audio menu to choose the audio track you want in your MPEG.
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  4. So the situation for me is probably the same for anyone else still following the discontinued VOB2MPG PRO.

    I have a paid version I've been using regularly for years and years. And whenever I reformat/reload Windows on my PC I need to reinstall this brilliant program as well.

    As paid users know, there's only a set number of times you can re-register the program before you get an install message advising you've hit the limit.

    On those occasions I'd email ChrissyBoy who tweak something at his end allowing registration to complete.

    While I'm no expert, I know enough to know the install on my PC must ping something or do a handshake on his server allowing or declining registration.

    Unfortunately it would seem the hardware at Chris's end has disappeared along with its creator.

    I've seen videos of people using custom registry keys on freeware which unlocks all functions and converts freeware to fully functional software.

    I don't know enough about this process to know that if I had enough reg key material, it would bypass freeware and unlock fully functional version of VOB2MPG pro (if that makes sense?).

    Y'see I have one computer left that still has a working version of Vob2MPG pro still working on it. I don't dare reformat this computer as it will mean the end of my use of this brilliant program.

    So for any knowledgeable IT geniuses out there: is it possible to somehow extract my registration information into a reg key - and would installing it bypass the need to register the program with Chris's servers?

    Be assured - I have attempted to email Chris many, many, many times over the past few years concerning this matter. My posting my story here is my last resort and last ditch effort to continue using his program.

    Thanks in advance, MJC
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  5. You could try this particular software here is the link optimistically you will be successful good luck.
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