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  1. So I'm working on this project, I'm sure some of you have heard of things like this before, It's when you make a CD with 2 sessions, the first one being an Audio CD session, the second being a Video CD session, Apparently this is called a AVCD, and that's what I'm trying to do for this project, so I'm trying to convert the mp4s to mpg1s (VCD Style) using VLC, because literally every other software that can do this just either does not want to function or does not work on my operating system, so now I'm trying to convert that into a .dat so I can burn the videos on the VCD, I'm using VCDGear for this, but for some reason it keeps telling me that I have an "Invalid MPEG Pack Size" or something, Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong? Here are some photos of what kind of settings I'm using on VLC for the VCD style mpg1s and the error VCDGear is giving me

    Anyway I'm probably gonna be bullied off this forum for how stupid I probably sound, lol
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    AVCDs, when most properly done, are 1 session. They can still work when improperly done using 2 sessions, if the VCD session is 1st and the CDDA session is 2nd. IIRC, Vcd will NOT work if it is the 2nd session.

    Next, you do NOT want to use a .DAT file directly as it has non-mpeg (ecc) data insterspersed with the mpeg data. That really only comes into play when you are ripping from an existing vcd disc and need to reuse the mpg.

    However, if your video is coming from an mp4 then you don't need to worry about this anyway. All you need to do is convert to mpeg1 (mpeg1 video and mpeg1layer2 audio).
    I cannot vouch for vlc's conversion capabilities because I have never had need to use it since I use more specific tools better suited to the task. I know you could use ffmpeg, but you have to specify the settings properly to ensure it is vcd-compliant. Personally, I would suggest you get a copy of TMPGEnc - the old encoder not the later authoring/editing tools - because it has good gui tools for proper mpeg1 encoding and it is free for mpeg1 use (though not for mpeg2). I haven't yet seen any issue with operating systems for this software, but what are you using?

    Regardless, you should give us more info about your process, because doing it properly requires multiple stages and multiple apps, and let's be realistic, you may just need to use an older OS for some of those apps.

    I say this all having successfully authored a bunch of AVCDs in my past (check past threads here).

    My question to you is "why AVCD now", especially when fewer and fewer disc players support vcd, let alone avcd? There are better, more modern solutions available.

    Also, what's with the presumption of being bullied?

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  3. I have some AVCDs with the video part on the second session and they work just fine

    I'm really only doing this because it is a smaller album, it's not really worth it having to buy another disc when I can just put everything on one, Thanks for your help though
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