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    Originally Posted by gelo333 View Post
    LSFmod is not a speed filter.
    Try LSFmod(defaults="fast").
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    Hate using sharpeners, but when I did the best for me were on an old software called HDConvertToX 3.0. There were options like FIlm and Light. Really nice effects without artifacting.
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  3. At the moment I have chosen Finesharp. Settings helped me Modifier for non-linear sharpening (lstr) and Exponent for non-linear sharpening (pstr). I have no idea what it is. And there is no description of these parameters anywhere. But if you increase them, then high sharpness does not give distortion at the edges, the file size almost does not grow, and PSNR gives a slight decrease.
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  4. All this time while I'm choosing the sharpening filter, I have to determine it by eye. I tried looking for automatic analyzers sharpening of image, but found nothing. Why doesn't anyone need it? After all, the eyes see differently every day. The sharpening filters do an image analysis before they start working, why not turn that into some metrics that the user can see?
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