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    I want to rip a video's audio (from VEMO-Youtube) to a lossless format. I'm under the impression YT and VEMO only produce mp3 and it's not possible to rip the audio to a lossless format.(?) Is there a way to get the audio from a video to actually rip/convert to a lossless format? Or maybe better said, can you convert an mp3 to a lossless format and truly get the "lossless" version? (the following I post for discussion/debate purposes)....
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    you can certainly open an mp3 and export as Flac or Wav; you'll get the same quality as the original mp3
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  3. If you pour three liters of water into a ten-liter bucket will you get ten liters of water?
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    VLC Player will rip audio to Flac (and other codecs) from a video:

    Open VLC



    On the Convert/Save dropdown, choose Convert

    In Profile, choose desired codec

    In Destination, enter details

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  5. Not sure what is your goal but you can use for example ffmpeg

    @set ff=C:\FF
    @set PATH=%FF%;%PATH%
    @SET file=%1
    @SET fname=%~n1
    @ffmpeg.exe -stats -y -hide_banner -i %file% -vn -dn -sn -c:a flac "%fname%_lossless.flac"
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