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  1. Potplayer will not play then next file. it loops. These are my settings.
    Playback --> "Load previous/next file in play folder"
    Playback/Playlist --> both "Remember Default Playlist/Recent URLS" is checked and "Auto Add Similar Files in Play Folder".
    What happens now is that the same 1 video will loop
    I am not looking to play, for ex. apple1.mkv, apple2.mkv, apple3.mkv (the same series of a file) but rather apple.mkv then banana.mkv then cherry.mkv (different films altogether with the same extension) or better still apple.mkv, then banana.mp4 then cherry.avi. in other words alphabetical order regardless of extension.
    (Oh even if it is in the same series apple1.mkv, apple2.mkv, apple3.mkv, the file still loops)
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  2. First, disable the "loop" option, or at least use option "repeat playlist", not "repeat playlist item".

    Then disable the option "Auto Add Similar Files in Play Folder", I think it can't work perfect, it's not AI, open the files manually, use drag&drop for example.
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  3. Thank you Dreamer. In the Playlist tab there is no 'loop' option nor "repeat playlist", nor "repeat playlist item". As said, there is "Remember Default Playlist/Recent URLS" is checked and "Auto Add Similar Files in Play Folder". And as far as ""Auto Add Similar Files in Play Folder" is concerned mine says, "Auto Add Similar Files in Play Folder". Uncheking that does not solve the problem. (P.S. The reason to want this is to avoid having to drag and drop since this is the only way possible now. My version of PP is ver. 221102 (1.7.21834)
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    In the playback tab: "Repeat Video playback", select disable from the drop down list, do the same for the "repeat Audio playback".
    Also in the playback tab:make sure the "open file using worker thread" tick box is ticked.
    I think these will allow you to do what you want
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  5. Right click - Playback - Repeat Playback - Disable.

    To open and play specific files without drag&drop and without mouse just select files in Windows Explorer and press Enter.

    The problem is, that files are not sorted correctly, when selecting files 1, 2, 3, 4, file 4 is first, when file 3 is selected, press Ctrl+A to select all and press Enter, file 3 is first in the playlist. Not sure if it's a bug of Windows Explorer or PotPlayer. - Workaround, select file 1, press Ctrl+A and Enter, or select files from last to first with Shift+arrow up, 4, 3, 2, 1, then Enter, this way the files are sorted correctly.

    I think there is a limit to open files like this, probably 15, in this case you can use the contect menu key (between right Windows and Ctrl) and select, but sorting has the same issue this way. Opening multiple files with Enter has a confirmation dialog, but it can be disabled in the Settings.

    I tested the same in the FreeCommander, freeware file manager, and it works good, no sorting issue, so it's probably Windows Explorer bug. In FreeCommander you can select all files too, with NC-mode select files with Insert or Space and even select all files with the same extension only, with a keyboard shortcut or button.
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  6. Thank you Dreamer n darkknight145
    Shouldn't such a thing be a default? Why is it so complicated?
    darkknight145: your method did not work.
    Dreamer: R-click-Playback-Repeat Playback was disabled. As to all else you said, yes, it is an Explorer thing (15 files) but there is a way around it. I use it to open and correct 50 Word documents at once (I'm a teacher). But that is not the issue with this player. Simply put I would not want to rename my files. I am mainly referring to movie files. Why would I rename a movie? I believe VLC does it automatically (it's my backup player) and so does GOM (I switched out of it because it now has adverts since 2 years ago or so). PotPlayer did have this option. I am sure of it. It may have disappeared with the last update or 2.
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  7. I'm not sure what exactly do you want, could you explain it, please? Perhaps an example, how many files in folder, name examples, which files you want to open - just some, similar or all?

    What about this - Preferences - General - When files are opened: - "Add all files of the same type to playlist"?

    Or right click (or the menu key between the right Win and Ctrl) the folder and select "Play with PotPlayer"?
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  8. OK I will give 2 concrete examples. Example one a TV series. For ex. the show is called, "PEN15" Hence I have "PEN15,Se01Ep01.mkv" and "PEN15,Se01Ep02.mkv" and "PEN15,Se01Ep03.mkv". What I would like is when the first one is finished the 2nd one begins to play, when the 2nd finishes the 3rd begins to play, etc.
    Ideally I would like it to do regardless of extension (if the 1st is mkv and the 2nd is mp4.
    the next example (the main reason for asking, since I remember PP doing this before to some degree) is my students' files. Students hand them in all sorts of formats. Besides this they will have different names for the files. Something like this. "Class 1 HW 4. Ann" and "Class 1 HW 4. John.mkv" and "Class 1 HW 4. Peter.mkv"
    So when I finish watching Ann's video I would like John's to start playing and so forth (preferably even if they are not all mkv files).
    Now instead it seems I only have 2 choices (depending on the settings). Either the first video loops again and again. OR after one ends it stops and I have to manually start the next video.
    BTW before if I clicked on the next button on the player it would do the same too--fetch the next movie "in line/in cue"

    as to ""Add all files of the same type to playlist" Yes, that was always checked. Even "Add similar file types to playlist" does not do anything (Which make me question what this is all about after
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