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  1. E21 :
    0a0036460b645d9695736b74fd216225:c363757788856c57c 9045006212a0f03
    7521c96527a350f5bbc16b054935d7c7:fd9e630de7620c329 725828c8905b024
    482d00783ceb5f069ee2f02cce90e22c:31f6ff713c88ce42c 4682eccc67387b0
    3f2338b63cd55db49cc70bbfd1f3a0ef:2d961e25c5043bb8b 1c24a9beff80688
    af09c17aaf435a0e70ecdac72afcdf46:f250025186ff3d1e0 7adfe97093f0f16

    a420a47d6553525bb263996b822ffd4f:cfe956803f003bb71 2bfdbee533f5afa
    426cf25a7fe551cb99d426841adbc748:8c651f120774729c2 8e0f37d9b65ff7f
    34a8b2bc9cf25e2e10587704d630e3c3:ee6400ee7c356d177 40303180dca3a8f
    b617f8438b88553389e59c5789f047d7:ea9f80e6931ed7639 a820dd4fd785663
    6e22b0ca3c0d56149ed927c1da27bd3f:df3a834c3c7a819d0 36c0b5854aaf18e
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  2. @ dimiti
    you used the code tag, and you did well
    but you probably added it later, and the space was added. maybe an edit post that would be a good idea

    so @ Milo4 be careful to space into the keys. otherwise they don't work
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  3. Originally Posted by lomero View Post
    you used the code tag, and you did well
    No, he didn't. He used quote instead of code.

    blablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablabl ablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablab lablablablablablabla
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  4. Thank you all! I completed the operations and the keys worked! I really appreciate the spirit of sharing information on this forum.
    If it's possible to know, how were the keys obtained? I read a topic where an Android TV box T95 S1 2Gb/16Gb is used. Is this the best way?
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  5. thanks vegeta for your clarification

    is this the best way ... yeah if you want dump your personal l3 from your Android TV box (but then you also have to know how to use it, otherwise you don't need it at all ...)
    another easy way is getwvkeys (read some pages in this forum. it's full of topics like this)
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  6. Free M3U8 link but only for this episode:

    Ep 21

    I think they forgot it somewhere...
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  7. Thanks! With episodes 21 and 22 they probably did something different from usual. Other episodes weren't in this encrypted format.
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