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  1. I got it going wit the base model which is a lot smaller than the medium. Transcribing shows going but not as 'progress' so I don't know how long it will take. A five min clip should be done in a couple of hours, yes? Anyway I'm leaving it go and will come back to it later.
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  2. Had to do it over, some power glitch while I was out.
    I set a timeer on this run of an hour for the 5 min clip added to the Whisper routine as a WAV file.

    No error messages seen.
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  3. Some success.

    The routine ended at just an hour where I had my timer set.
    This piece -- a short interview-- does not have a transcript. However as I go over it,
    it does look pretty good.

    I don't know what would speed up the work: higher CPU speed, more cores, M.2 for the writes?
    I am making a new build but that is going pretty slowly with the current cost of parts.
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  4. Going a little further with Whisper I started a 90 min WAV with a fair quality audio source (old tv show) It's been going since last night and now 15 hours. I opened task manager and it shows to be a 99- 100% all the time. My thought is that Whisper got stuck, but no way to know because there is no progress bar. The green bar below seems to function as showing when the WAV is first entered.

    It may take that long on 90 mins of audio but just no way to tell. In a while I'll have to take it down even if incomplete.
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