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  1. I was running a strong hard drive magnet over some video8 tapes in an attempt to create some distorted/mangled output from the tape itself. As in, intentionally damaging the tape for interesting results.

    However after leave the magnet on for a longer period of time (5-10s) and thereafter placing the tape into the unit near immediately, the unit now appears to either not playback anything, playback sporadically with noise and artifacts in playback, or only plays back at 2x speed.

    I suspect the playback head has been magnetized, and thus needs a demagnetizing unit like used on audio cassette heads (like this).

    Does anyone have any other idea what it may be? The head appears in excellent condition otherwise... and intact in a sense that it doesn't appear broken...

    I apologize for making this mistake, and hope it's understandable and forgivable.

    Additionally apologies if this is in the wrong section, it may be better in Camcorders (DV/HDV/AVCHD/HD)

    Attached is a DV output capture from the bad unit (bad.avi) , which was only possible while playing 2x
    Attached is a DV output capture from a known good unit, same model (good.avi), with the exact same tape.

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    I don't see how magnetizing the tape can damage the heads, Never heard of it before, Try a head demagnetizer the tape path with the camcorder unplugged and see how it goes, Don't get too close the the video heads.
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