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  1. The first thing that I noticed is that the screen is set for 1080p as I have a Viewsonic TV that I have this computer and my Windows 7 computer hooked to. That is the way it should be but with the mini desktop pc, I would say a small percentage of the screen on all sides is not being show. The icons that were on the left you would see half of them and the other part you wouldn't see. The taskbar and the bottom you can see the bottom of the icons are not showing. There is enough of the icons there to make out what they are thankfully. When I have a program open the top bar is partially obscured at the top. I remember that with my Windows 7 computer the display was not right until I got the video card drivers and used those.

    A new problem I just discovered today. I installed YT-DLP on the new computer and when I was typing a line to get a video, the quotation marks I needed to use instead of being quotation marks it comes out as the letter e with an accent above it. I noticed certain other keys do the same thing. Scratch all that about the keyboard I tried some remedys from a Google search and it looked like somehow it is working the way it should now.

    Now I have to figure out how to use YT-DLP in Windows 11. Scratch that I got yt-dlp working in Windows 11 thanks to some Google searches. So for now I just need some help with the first matter. Thank you in advance.
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  2. I did some more Google searching and found the answer. It was going into the TV settings and turning off "overscan". Now the picture is just as it should be.
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  3. I did a test encode today. I had a 780p mpeg ts. video and I used Vidcoder to encode the video to 480 video. I had Vidcoder set to 75 percent and it took about 35 minutes about the length of the video actually to encode. The CPU got to 100 percent but I felt the little mini desktop pc and it was a little warm but not bad and it didn't make much noise. I was pleasantly surprised.

    It is such nice little machine and I hope it continues to pleasantly surprise me as time goes on.
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