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    I have volunteered to help a mate transfer stuff from VHS tapes to DVD and run into an odd problem!

    So far I have copied the material to a series of .mp4 files and got him to identify the start/stop positions of the sections he wants to extract and keep.

    Not sure what program he used to view the files, but, he is on Windows and would be something that came as standard I think.

    On my PC, I have looked at a couple of the files (using both Lossles Cut and VLC Media Player) and the timings don't seem to match! So, if I look at a section with his start/end times then it doesn't correspond with a sensible segment of video.

    He swears blind that on his PC then the timings are right.

    Bit of a loss as to why they are not same on my PC. Is it possible that different PCs or software could introduce different timing on the .mp4 files?

    Or, any other suggestions why they might be different?
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  2. Maybe the time codes indicate vfr and one player is respecting them and others do not.
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