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  1. So I already have things working nicely when playing SDR content but it seems AviSynth is too slow to for 4K HDR movies.

    My situation is like this: I'm using my PC for many things besides watching movies and shows, I also do lots of gaming and browsing. I often switch back and forth, leaving multiple PotPlayer instance open with shows I'm going though. Because of this, I don't want to be constantly changing the refresh rate to match the video I'm watching and then back to 60hz when doing other stuff. I also don't want to always watch videos in full screen so basically I can't rely on PotPlayer or MadVR changing refresh rates for me either. I also like to watch videos with Motion Smoothing enabled but then when the refresh rate is at 60hz and doesn't match the video I get a lot of jerky motion as the video player isn't presenting the frames with an orderly 3:2 pace. So the solution was to enable AviSynth Pulldown_3-2.avs in PotPlayer and now the frames are served with the correct pacing and the TV's Motion Smoothing looks perfect. I'm super happy yay!

    But here is the problem, when paying 4K HDR videos, AviSynth can't keep up and the videos slows down. So the question is how can I make AviSynth process faster?
    Is enabling Multi Threading the solution and how do I do it. Is it possible in regular AviSynth that ships with PotPlayer64 or do I have to install AviSynth+? And what commands/script should I use to enable MT?

    My current code:
    ChangeFPS(60000, 1001)
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  2. Isn't that the exact same thing that the player does by itself when running on a 59.94 Hz display? It does on mine.
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  3. No unfortunately, no video player I know of is delivering the frames in a consistent evenly paced manner at 60hz. This makes the TV's smoothing algorithm do small jerks all the time. That is why I'm using AVSynth to make the lower fps content into 60 as the filter is doing this it distributes the frames properly and you no longer get any jerkines. However th conversion seems too slow on 4K HDR. That is why I wonder how to make it speed up through multi threading or if there is another solution.
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  4. Look at some of the other scripts that PotPlayer includes. Some of them use multithreading. See the SetMtMode() and GetMtMode() commands. I doubt it will help much with that simple script though.
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