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  1. I have about 1000 movie backups to convert, and I care a lot about preserving video and audio quality. I need a program that will maintain aspect ratio, that won't hardcode the sub files contained therein and most importantly, I have to remux when possible. I only want to re-encode video or audio tracks incompatible with the MP4 container, and I want to preserve as much quality as possible. The MP4's are for streaming on my personal cloud account you see, whenever I want and wherever I am, but I keep the MKV backups for offline play on my computer. Sadly, my streaming service can't stream MKV. No I won't share the link, these are personal backups for my personal use sorry
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  2. Think I found the perfect solution lol just use: for /R %f IN (*.mkv) DO ffmpeg -i "%f" -c copy "%~nf.mp4"
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    I think the copy profile I use does exactly the same but using FFBatch Converter what your doing via FFMPEG command line, but it has a nice GUI and can do a lot more conversion profiles and you can add your own, plus just add everything and let it do the work for you including copying somewhere else

    I convert MKV to MP4 for my EMBY media player running via an Intel NUC box, it plays pretty much anything including MKV anyway but I wanted my files to all be the same format and also trip unwanted subtitles for media that doesn't need them but also to simply copy subtitles that are needed for non-English films like the Japanese films I have or parts that are non-English like in The Wall or Game of Thrones
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  4. Wow that does sound convenient, thanks dude I'll check it out
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