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  1. I recently installed Windows 11 and had to re-install everything, Potplayer included. Then I tried to play a video and it had no audio output but the video was fine.
    Below is the Playback/system Info:

    [Used Filter List]
      (1) Built-in MKV Source
      (2) Built-in Video Codec/Transform
      (3) Built-in Direct3D9 Video Renderer
      (4) Built-in Audio Codec/Transform
      (5) DirectSound Audio Renderer
    [Video Information]
      Codec: AVC1 - Native D3D9 DXVA Decoder(VLD) - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060
      Input type: AVC1(24 bits)
      Input size: 1916  1028(1.86:1)
      Output type: dxva
      Output size: 1916  1028(1.86:1)
      Frame rate: 23.976
      BitRate: Unknown
    [Audio Information]
      Codec: AC3(0x2000) - Built-in FFmpeg Decoder(ac3)
      Sample rate: 48000 -> 48000 samples/sec
      Bits per sample: 0 -> 16 bits/sample
      Channels: 6 -> 2 channels
      Bitrate: 384 kbps
    I notice that the "Bits per sample" is reported as 0, don't know if it has to do with anything.
    VLC reports 32 and it plays everything as normal (has audio and video).

    Tried searching, reinstall, change some settings with no success.
    If anyone can help it'd be great. thanks.
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  2. Found a fix. Just install Media Feature Pack

    1) Search "Apps & Features" in the search bar on your PC.
    2) Open the corresponding folder.
    3) Click on "Optional Features" (located in the middle unterneath "Apps and Features")
    4) See, if "Media Feature Pack" is installed by typing that into the provided search bar underneath.
    5) If "Media Feature Pack" does not show up, head over to the plus sign above ("Add Feature").
    6) Search for "Media Feature Pack" and install it.
    7) Restart your PC.
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  3. Then you installed a N version of Windows.
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  4. Originally Posted by flashandpan007 View Post
    Then you installed a N version of Windows.
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