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  1. A 340MB mp4 video file with 2 audio tracks and over 2 hours long can't be good quality.

    Use clever FFmpeg-GUI instead of anyvideoconverter.

    Clever FFmpeg-GUI and ffmpeg are portable programs and do not need to be installed. Therefore they can also be used for public computers.

    Download the enclosed file, unzip it where you want and start clever FFmpeg GUI.exe.
    Follow the instructions exactly at first start.

    Then load "The Sons of Katie Elder.mkv", click main, click Convert Video Stream, click keep size, select everything like the red fields in the picture, leave all other settings as they are, click convert.

    [Attachment 67440 - Click to enlarge]

    When conversion is finished, click multiplex, the newly created video stream is shown in green, select the streams you want to keep on the left (the old blue video stream must be deselected), select mp4 as container, set 16:9 as DAR and click multiplex.

    [Attachment 67441 - Click to enlarge]

    After that you will find your new mp4 file in your destination folder.
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  2. Well....still trying. Let me explain what I'm trying to accomplish. I've D/led a number of videos with very small footprints that are of excellent quality. Example;-- ripped "Ghosts of Machu Picchu" from DVD to mp4(H264) that resulted in almost 900Mb. I've seen downloads from sites that are as little as 350-400Mb. Same parameters but I cannot get less than 900Mb when using conventional rippers/converters. Currently I'm using "Prism" software. How do I manage to get a small conversion Mb and still keep the quality, as I've witnessed w/ from other D/l's from P2P sites? I have tried many software programs and just can't accomplish what others are doing routinely. Everyone here has been great in offering help and you can be assured it has been appreciated!!! (Sorry, I just haven't figured out FFMPeg)
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