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  1. I would like to export archival video to FFV1 format, but cannot find the option anywhere within Adobe PP. Do I have to install the codec separately or perhaps some plug-in for it? Thank you.
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  2. Originally Posted by poisondeathray View Post
    Perfect, thank you!

    Do you know how I can test if an FFV1 encoded file is truly lossless? I tried to export an uncompressed AVI to FFV1, then export that back to an uncompressed AVI with the same settings as before, but the two files ended up being different sizes by a few sizes, so I couldn't compare them.
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  3. You can use various metrics, such as PSNR to test whether a video is lossless

    Sometimes there are other conversions behind the scenes that might make something not lossless - e.g. colorspace/pixel format conversions . You'd have to provide more details

    e.g. there might be decoding issues - not all "lossless" codecs are handled as lossless in NLE's.

    Uncompressed AVI, in the same pixel format, should always be the same filesize. There might be a few bytes from metadata differences, but the PSNR will always be infinity between 2 identical sources
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