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  1. For the longest time when using RGB devices (such as my CFW PS3) I could not adjust the settings.

    That has now changed thankfully with a firmware update, but sadly 480p, (for playing PS2 games on my CFW PS3)
    had some pixels cut horizontally on both sides and has been replaced with a more stretched resolution to cover what was cropped.

    Why would they do this? It makes no sense whatsoever. It isn't much that was cropped, but I now some of the text on the side cannot
    be seen.

    For example: Since my PS3 has CFW, I can play a good amount of PS2 games via the built-in emulator, and it has a mod that allows you
    to monitor the PS3's temp while running but now part of that is cropped out thanks to their incompetence.

    Edit: This seems to be an issue when PS2 games on PS3 internally switch to 480p, as in 720x480p widescreen. The screen is fine when the game is in 640x480i internally.
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