I've been looking for answers to this problem for an entire month now, tried every thread and Reddit post I could find, but no answer.
Potplayer has a problem while using a capture card that the audio comes out... um, like this:

That's on a very low volume in Potplayer, for the record. Any louder and I'd be killing your ears too. This only happens while using the Capture Card - tested with MP3 and MP4, and got normal audio. VLC also captures the audio normally (but I can't use VLC because that has video issues that are even worse)
Sometimes it fixes itself randomly, too! I read that sometimes just closing the player out will make it fix, but it's just WAY too random to be an actual fix.
I've tried screwing with preferences, and resetting preferences... just nothing seems to work and everyone always just suggests the same thing ad nauseum it feels like...

I'm just really not sure what to do anymore. No other programs work with the Capture Card well (Potplayer was SPECIFICALLY requested in Mirabox's manual), and I really just wanna play games without having to swap my monitor to the console, so I can still talk to my friends or stream games to them...