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    VideoRedo is paid for editing software, that is perhaps about to go away.

    The principal author of the program has passed away.

    The lead support person who helped develop and maintain it has found another job, and though he provided heroic efforts to keep its activation servers online. Does not own the intellectual property, nor have the business kills or resources to continue licensing software needed to keep it going.

    The Support forums for this software (have been backed up offline).

    I personally know of at least two full copies.

    Though existing license holders may be able to continue to use the software, re-activation; such as when moving to a different PC or reinstalling to the same PC. May not be possible if or when the activation servers go offline.

    The activation servers were offline following the authors passing, but were brought back online in late August 2022 early September 2022.

    It is not known what the current intellectual property holders will do with VideoRedo.

    But it seems certain at some point both the activation servers and / or the Support forum, will go offline again; perhaps permanently.

    Before that happens.

    I would like to suggest, or convey a message to current license holders of any new startup Forum (or forums?) to discuss VideoRedo.

    Please leave any comments or suggestions.

    Or enlighten me.. to any currently existing or new VideoRedo discussion sites or threads on Third Party sites not hosted on the VideoRedo homesite.

    Thank you.
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  2. Hello just before starting to talk about Videoredo I want to say rip in memory to DanR.
    Videoredo and a great software that I have been using now for more than 15 years, seeing it disappear can make me sick
    I also remember the death I believe of one of the creators of DVBViewer the software has continued to live
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  3. Videoredo is the best software to cut videos of any format.
    I hope he continues to live. Thank you.
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    That's sad ...

    Have been using ver4 since 2009, ver4 does not phone home when registering after installation, have installed it many many times and used it for both mpeg tv records, stream fixing of any video file encoded with h264 or any mpg/ts and all the other extensions (MS's media centre records, tivo, topfield etc etc) used that are mpg/ts and a lot of other tasks ... it has been brilliant.
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  5. If the heir to the license no longer intends to sell this software, it would be great if s/he made it available for free, i.e. after an appeal from existing legal users, of which I am one.
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    Yes, a very sad thing.
    I worked a lot together with Dan (Rosen or Haddix) testing versions 5 and 6.

    Maybe it is a good idea to try ver4 again, if I still find the old registration.

    Currently the start of ver 6 about is delayed about 30 secs, when the app is looking for the missing server.
    And mostly writing a file (sometimes also editing the title) is delayed as well.
    We have to accept this drawback, I think.

    Have some of you used the audio feature dynamic levelling?
    I used it some time ago for a few cases, but recently the processing stops after the 1st analysis run.
    I tested some other videos (mpg, mp4), but had no chance.

    rgds, Klaus
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  7. Originally Posted by noemi7 View Post
    If the heir to the license no longer intends to sell this software, it would be great if s/he made it available for free, i.e. after an appeal from existing legal users, of which I am one.

    Its not so easy at it seems. As most likely software licenses additional components like codecs, DVD engine, pays MPEG-LA licenses and so on.
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    DemityV is right, licensing issues will probably prevent a free version of Videoredo. That was already stated on the Videoredo support board, as far as I remember.
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