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  1. We just got 2 cameras to test out (XA 40 and 50), to replace our aging sony video cameras..Overall we love the camera EXCEPT on auto it seems to blow out the highlights. More than I thought it would. Took the cameras in a few locations outdoors, indoors etc. Just filming my Malamute and cat for fun it totally blew out their fur in places. I mean 255 across the board all the way up the dogs leg (about 3-4 inches). We shoot on AV or P but was shocked at the highlight results for testing. The other thing I thought was weird is you cant add the Zebra pattern on auto...while I somewhat understand and shouldn't be needed but I am finding it is.

    I am recording in 1080 as thats what 90% of our work requires. Is this a operator error? I hope so but with Auto???Image
    [Attachment 67039 - Click to enlarge]

    Sorry if a newb question but was just curious what other people have seen? Your happy to borrow my dogs for testing LOL!!!
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