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    hello everyone ,I am a user of the video editing software filmora 11 of which I find myself really great, among the various features I found that in the latest updates
    have implemented very interesting new features, such as speech to text
    text to speech with really excellent synthesized voices, traceable to voices
    male and female voices bordering on perfection, and automatic subtitle generation
    extrapolated from an audio file from an mp3 or the audio track of a video.
    the whole thing is very nice and works very well, too bad though that the features
    mentioned are in demo version limited in time and number of characters,
    which left me somewhat puzzled especially for those like me who believe a lot in this software and so much so that they purchased the lifetime version.
    But to incur the cost of a subscription no , I think it was a poor choice
    of the marketing of wondershare filmora, which i also pointed out to them.
    I can understand that certain effects transitions plugins can be paid for, but never
    the functionality introduced.
    doing so would limit the creative potential of users , and consequently the success and prestige of the software used, otherwise as I wrote to the filmora team
    one runs the risk of emulating the commercial policies of pinnacle that put
    any effect and functionality for a fee effectively decreeing the commercial failure
    of operations and in fact there are few users left to use it.
    I sincerely hope that in filmora they don't make the exact same mistake, it would be a real shame because filmora is in my opinion one of the best video editing software ever, with an absolutely unbeatable workflow.
    as an idea I would like to be able to download some video tutorials on youtube with subtitles and English or foreign language in general, and extrapolate from the audio of them through the speech to text all the texts by uncoiling and extrapolating the words contained in the audio subsequently translating them into Italian through the free online translator:
    and then generate through the text to speech feature a soundtrack with synthesized voices through the free online service :
    once these operations are finished, reassemble the video by deleting the audio
    in the original language and inserting the audio with synthesized voice translated into Italian or other language of your choice, finally the possibility of being able to have subtitles inserted from the translated audio.
    I think this is a feasible thing, maybe by putting hands on some scripts or through software or portal with dedicated web service, which I hope you can suggest to me, as long as they are freely usable solutions at no cost.
    I think this could be of great help to many who go into crisis viewing
    video tutorials on youtube in other languages , and who on the contrary would like to hear it if see in the respective language.
    what do you think ?
    about transcoding videos also with subtitles it seems that the latest releases of adobe premiere pro are really good, but in this case there is to understand if you can do it independently or you have to rely on some paid subscription service like wonderhare filmora ?
    let me know thank you very much
    please help my


    with shutter encoder it possible build subtitle from video ??
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    It's hard to understand exactly what you're asking for, but another program you might want to try for speech-to-text subtitle generation is here:
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