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  1. I have no experience in authoring BluRay's in this program and need some step by step help.

    I want it to have a motion menu so I have a 60 second video 1920x1080 h264 file that I want to continually play over and over which essentially is the menu.

    The menu is really simple, it will have a PLAY MOVIE button and one other button that plays a bonus feature. I have PSD graphics for these buttons.

    Basically I'm asking how to have buttons over a video background?

    Hope this makes sense. I'd greatly appreciate any help/advice.
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  2. One of the easier ways to do this is to use one of their menu templates as a starting point and then remove the elements you don't want and replace the ones you do in the menu editor. So for example, you would replace their background image with your :60 video, and you would replace their buttons with your custom psd. (You may need to export your psd buttons as png or jpeg.) You can freely move the buttons, labels and other elements round the canvas as long as clickable items don't overlap.
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