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  1. what software would be a good command line jpg2cbz.exe converter or maker?

    the commandline would be like
    C:> jpg2cbz.exe D:\jpgfile\*.jpg E:\ABC.CBZ

    jpg2cbz.exe collects all jpgs and makes them into a ABC.CBZ

    does GitHub have one of these?
    can ffmpeg.exe do this?

    c:\cbz2jpg_extracter.exe E:\ABC.CBZ M:\
    it extracts all jpgs into M:\ in order in which they were collected

    is there any recommandation where i can find these software?
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  2. cbz is a renamed zip file. You can use Winrar or 7-zip to open cbz and cbr files and extract or make them.
    I recommend 7-zip as it is free and when installed, the shell integration with windows allows you to simply right-click a cbz or cbr (or cb7) file and extract.
    Winrar will do it but you have to open it within the app itself.
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  3. >>renamed zip file
    zip in disguise, oh yes!!!, i know how to handle the zip format well. life just got simpler and good

    i linked CBZ with SumatraPDF-x64.exe which might be too simple? or any recommandation for CBZ viewers? they must be a single exe file system + 1 or 2 maybe ini files with it like sumatra

    i use a command line based PKZIPC.EXE only
    thanks for the info
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  4. I use Sumatra myself as it is also good for pdfs which I work with regularly.
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    Create a self extracting executable file using 7-Zip.
    The setup is a once off thing. (unless you forget to do that much needed backup.)

    Download this:
    Extract the .EXE file from it using 7-Zip.
    Put it in with the comic pages.

    Create a licence.txt containing the information found here.
    (Hint: Click on the 'raw' button to the top right of where the actual license starts. Then copy and paste to license.txt).
    Put it in with the comic pages.

    Create a Readme.txt file telling where you got the app from. Put it in with the comic pages.
    SumatraPDF Reader downloaded from:
    Create a 1 line batch file. Put it in with the comic pages.

    "C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z" a -sfx -x!*.cmd "comic name.exe" *.*
    You now have a folder that looks something like this:
    \comic name\
    Now you're all ready to go!

    Change the name of the folder containing all the files & pages to the name of the comic you're compressing.
    Change the name in the batch file to match the folder name and save.
    Run the batch file.
    You should end up with an .exe containing all the files listed in the folder, BUT NOT THE BATCH FILE.

    To test, copy the 'comic name.exe' to an external drive and run it.

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