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    Is it at all possible to reduce the scratch in this video clip? The highest rez available for the file is 1080P, if that helps.
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  2. Scratches are almost impossible to eliminate. If they were static, you could use a delogo filter, but unfortunately they tend to wander back and forth. This is true of your scratch as well.

    There is a descratch filter for AVISynth, and you could give it a try, but I've never had any luck with it.

    I do a lot of film restoration and the only way I know to get rid of scratches must be done during the transfer, using a "wet gate" transfer. However, since you don't have access to the film, that won't do you any good.
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  3. Since the line seems to have the same color and is moving inpainting might not be needed.
    A masked Despot/Descrath filter might work.
    Upload a sample to somewhere where it does not get reencoded and folks probably come up with different ways to remove that line.
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