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  1. Hello everyone,

    I have a doubt about what I have to use for a processing I want to do.

    Here is my case : I'm paying on a PAL Playstation2 (output : 720x576-25fps), going through an upscaler (output : 1920x1080-50 fps), then capturing via a cheap hdmi capture card (output : 1920x1080-60fps).

    The problem is the output of the upscaler is 50fps and then the only frame rate option proposed by the capture card is 60fps.

    So I want to use Avisynth in order to have things back in order (going back to a 4:3 HD format aka 1440x1080, and right fps rate).

    I suppose the capture card is duplicating 1 frame after every 5 frames. So I was wondering what would be the best way to do this between ConvertFps, ChangeFps or Tdecimate ?

    Best regards
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  2. TDecimate(Cycle=6, CycleR=1) # remove one of every six, 30p to 25p, no change in running time
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  3. Thank you very much Jagabo for your reply !
    I will test that asap !

    Best regards
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