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  1. Hello, can someone convert this subtitle from mp4 format to srt?

    Subtitle is being downloaded using ytdlp but in mp4 format, and it cannot be convert using subtitle edit.

    This is the subtitle file if the mpd link cannot be access due to geolocation block. Thank you if anyone can help.
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  2. This isnt only a srt subtitle file in a mp4 container, because the file is to big.
    Check the mp4 with mediainfo to see what is into it.
    Is there is a subtitle stream, it can be extracted with clever Ffmpeg-GUI.
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  3. Use nilaoda software
    will help you
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  4. I have give a try, but there is an error when converting it, this error show up object reference not set to an instance of an object in Mp4SubtitleParser by nilaoda
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  5. According to ye olde strings, this mp4 consists of a bunch of base64-encoded PNGs inside TTML. There's no way to turn this into a SubRip file without OCRing it yourself. I would go to the site itself and check the requests made to see if the site doesn't actually request its subtitles from a file with, you know, text content.

    If you want the individual TTML files themselves from this MP4 then in a newly-made directory with the file run
    mp4box -raws 1 "rid-TID~2700~2022-09-02T08_59_00Z~2022-09-02T11_05_00Z__variant-default_ott [rid-TID~2700~2022-09-02T08_59_00Z~2022-09-02T11_05_00Z__variant-default_ott].eng.mp4"
    If you add the ttml extension to one of the files greater than 1 KB and then open it with Subtitle Edit, it will ask you to OCR the text.
    However, given the command produces 626 files with actual subtitle content, this is kind of impractical to do. Not to mention you then need to join the results together afterwards. Finding something that can merge the XML files together might be a start though if you really want to go down this path.
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