I have 4, 16:9 monitors for a desktop running Windows 11. The screens are set up horizontally in a retail store to display ongoing sales, new items, etc. I have a 64:9 video file that needs to play across all screens. This needs to be VERY simple so that anyone opening the store can click the file and maximize the window. I change the video about once a month.

I've customized the default presets so that maximizing the video expands it across the monitors, and it worked for a little while. To do this I went to Preferences -> Playback -> Fullscreen Mode (see image). I kept all the other settings (AR) at the original settings. I've saved this all as my default preset.
[Attachment 66916 - Click to enlarge]

At the dropdown by Display there is a list of 4 options, which seem to correspond with my 4 monitors. BUT 3 of them have the same name. I go through one by one and select each option and see which screen it stretches to. I extended video image to the last option and it stretched the video across the 4 screens, but other times I click the third option and that works.

The last few times the video file was opened and maximized, it showed the right half of the video on the 2 monitors on the left, with just a plain desktop background on the 2 right monitors. This was all with the same video file. The only way I've found to fix this is to open up the Display settings again and change the "extend video image" option at random until it extends to the 4th screen.

This is so time consuming and impossible for anyone else at the store to do.

Is PotPlayer not saving my presets? If not, why? How do I make the settings the default for opening ALL video files? Is there a way to change the name of my monitors so that they are able to distinguish in PotPlayer (I can't find anything online to explain this).

Please assist me in any way you can, I am so fed up at this point.