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    I have a digital8 camera DCR-TRV120 NTSC with which I am trying to digitize video8.
    The problem is that there is no image or sound, but there is an image when I rewind or advance the tape. I attach a video example of this. The camera automatically recognizes that the tape is video8, the logo appears by changing digital8 to the video logo8.

    greetings and thanks!
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  2. Pretty common problem. Some old analog 8mm tapes simply won't play back on some Sony D8 cams that support it. All depends on what it was recorded on, if the recording cam was properly aligned, etc etc.

    For this reason I always capture twice, once with the older analog cams (CCD-TRV) and then a firewire DV capture with the newer D8 cams with analog playback. I'd say 5% of tapes I see just won't play on the D8 cams.

    Maybe clean the heads properly and give it another go.
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