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  1. Hi, dear people!
    Currently I haven't got the time to involve as much in this all as I'd like to do. So I didn't dump any cdm and missed a bit the connection since widevine guesser.
    Could please someone be so kind and help me out with a key to this:
    It's a gift for a lady who loves this and had missed the first part.
    Thanks to anyone!
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  2. Code:
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  3. Works! Thanks a lot!
    By the way: Can you find an mpd with 1080p inside? Not that important, just for interest.
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  4. By the way: Can you find an mpd with 1080p inside?
    --key c4b4e78228739aee8cf75c2784a7cdf6:c6d2b13c80af72a9b781b039aad747d2
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  5. Awesome! Thanks! I also found the HD-mpd but didn't want to ask for a key again. Great!
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  6. By the way: The friendlier the people seem to be here, the stranger seems the discord-server.
    Tried to re-join your discord-server. Wasn't accepted, because I wrote that I am interested to learn something about the subject, all is about...

    It seems that the people who organize the server are a bit "aloof" meanwhile, a little away from truth, what they all do all the time themselves.
    Just shake my head, what a bullshit.
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