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    First of all this site has a lot of useful/helpful information, however the amount of posts about members camcorders is few and far between. Most are about how to extract from other media which to me seems a little strange. So I have to ask do members actully own a camcorder and edit and produce their own work or not. Just asking as I do my own.

    for anyone interested this is my setup I use the most

    [Attachment 66852 - Click to enlarge]

    1= Azden smx -30v microphone (fantastic variable dial from stereo to directional )
    2= Panasonic VW-HU1 Handle on a
    3= Panasonic HC-X1500 camcorder
    4= Manfrotto Befree live tripod ( has built in ball adjustment for getting level)
    5= Remote switch on handle for on/off /zoom

    The whole aim is to go for carrying a light setup with a 4K camcorder.

    I do have a small Panasonic microphone as well VW-VMS10 if not too windy leaving the hot shot for extra lighting if wanted

    [Attachment 66854 - Click to enlarge]
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  2. The reason we don't get too many posts about camcorders anymore is the fact that most people use their smart phones now to film events. But I feel your frustration as there are still some of us that use real video cameras.
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  3. Originally Posted by TreeTops View Post
    most people use their smart phones now to film events.
    And if that wasn't bad enough, so many film in portrait mode
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    A little while back I was doing some travelling and wanted to shoot video, I could have done it with my phone, but I wanted to try 4k 60fps, I also wanted a camera that wouldn't be so expensive that if something happened to it, I'd lose my mind. So, I bought a cheap Chinese camcorder on Amazon. A "Yisence Tech" video camera. I expected it to be poor at best and I was delighted to find it's actually not bad at all. I was very happy with the results. Then a friend of mine was having his 60th birthday party and had 2 live bands. I set it up on a Tripod and connected a USB battery pack to the camera and mic and it worked fantastic. I even took some night vision video with it. A total of about 4 hours of video and it came out great. It's not comparable to the high-end video cameras but, if you want one that you don't really care if you drop it or it gets stolen, you can pick these up on Amazon for around $150 USD.
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