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  1. I have an issue using mkvtoolnx's mkvmerge to mux a BD playlist with multiple segments of a m2ts to a mkv correctly.

    From BDInfo, the playlist 00300.mpls info is:

    Playlist File Group Length Estimated Size Measured Size
    00300.mpls 1 00:46:19 688.00 GB 10.98 GB

    It contains the following m2ts segments as follows:

    Stream File Index Length Estimated Size Measured Size
    01156.mt2s 1 00:01:23 36.21 GB 379.12 MB
    01156.mt2s 1 00:04:03 36.21 GB 938.34 MB
    01156.mt2s 1 00:03:32 36.21 GB 833.47 MB
    01156.mt2s 1 00:01:41 36.21 GB 428.58 MB

    When I add the playlist to mkvmerge mux tool. The resulting mkv is very large - 36.21 GB, not the measured size 10.98 GB. The result is the whole movie. It seems it just mux the whole 01156.m2ts, not extracting and merge individual segments of 01156.m2ts.

    How can I mux this playlist with correct segments?
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    Peculiar, I've never knew a playlist on BD could point to parts of m2ts.
    You can try if remuxing the playlist with Tsmuxer will yield a better result. If so, you can use that as source to mkvmerge.
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  3. Tsmuxer has the same issue. After adding the playlist and demux using ts format, the resulting .ts file is also a big file 36.21 GB.
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