I have several WAV and FLAC files from albums I bought on Bandcamp and I think one on HDTracks. Until now I have been playing them from my computer to the receiver, but I would like to put them all in one or two BD-Rs, which is easy, but I would like to make it so even without turning on the TV set, it will still play the first song automatically and keep playing all the songs I enter in a playlist.

I have an Oppo UDP-203, and I searched for days on this topic, and I found someone who said his Oppo recognized M3U format playlists, so I did a test putting some of the files in a USB drive and then throwing them in VLC and saving that as an M3U playlist, as well as all the other playlist formats it offers. But none of them worked.

Information about playlists in the Oppo manual is almost non existent. When opening the Music section, there's a Playlists tab, and you can make playlists with the player itself, however, those don't get saved to the USB drive, I assume they are saved to the internal storage, so it wouldn't work for me, because I want a playlist that I can access from any player, or even the Oppo if for some reason I need to do a factory reset.

So is there a way to do this? Even if it means batch converting all the FLAC files to WAVs, or I can just log into my account at Bandcamp and download them again in WAV.