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  1. Computer: Intel i3-2130 #3.40GHz, 4GB RAM, XP Professional Service Pack 3
    Capture device: ATI TV Wonder USB2.0

    I installed the drivers for the ATI TV Wonder USB2.0 device (gray and red device) a few months ago, and the ATI multimedia center. I was able to launch the ATI capture app. But when I tried today, the error message said: "Unable to start TV. The TV player failed to initialize the video. Check the Windows Device Manager to ensure that the correct video driver has been installed and is working properly before attempting to restart TV."

    I ran the PC Check diagnostic. It identified these issues: "No sound card. RAM < 32 Mbytes : 0 MBytes." That is odd because I have 4 GB or RAM.

    In my Device Manager, all the ATI items appear to be working properly. But I have a series of "Other devices" with yellow question marks.

    I'm not sure what happened between last time and this time.

    What I tried:
    - Restarted PC
    - Restarted ATI TV Wonder USB2.0

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    [Attachment 66513 - Click to enlarge]
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    The tool is worthless here. For starters, you're not using an audio card for capture with this card.

    Reinstall the drivers.
    You may have a bad spot on the OS HDD, defrag/test it.
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