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    I have been doing experiments colonizing video frame-by-frame in photoshop and to speed up the process I paste the next frame as a new layer and only recolor the parts that changed while erasing everything else but often the two frames will be different enough in calibration that it causes noticeable artifacts, are there any VD filters that can help with this?
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  2. If I understand what you're asking, probably not vdub

    Normally it's done with motion tracking , stabilization and compositing software - such as mocha, silhouette, after effects, nuke.

    vdub has "deshaker", but it cannot "undo" the stabilization, so it no longer looks like the original. Also it just smooths over motion, it does not remove motion (such that the objects/frames overlap) - so it's the wrong type of stabilizer for this kind of work

    Some of those other programs can stabilize portions automatically but with manual assist for accuracy (so the frames/targets overlap more, so there is less roto and masking work instead of trying to find a moving target) , you apply the layer(s) / masks/ transforms/ effects , then reverse stabilize, or revert it back to normal

    Usually the most time consuming part of colorization are the masking/rotoscoping steps - if you're using the wrong tools, it will take you much longer or be less accurate (ugly , blobby coloring "outside the lines" )
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