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  1. Hi all,

    I am trying to transfer a Beta Tape to Digital Format. I am using a Sanyo 4670 Beta VCR hooked up through a Panasonic DMRES15 to my Elgato Capture Card via the SVideo Connection to my Windows 8 PC.

    The output video looks wavy and is Black and White. Source Video is supposed to be color. Would anyone have any suggestion on how to fix this issue. The audio plays fine on the unit, the video is just messed up.

    I have a short sample video if that would help
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    Tape damage? Have you tried connecting the VCR to the TV to see if it persists there?
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  3. Physically the tape looks fine. I have hooked the VCR up to a tube TV and there is no issue.

    I did press the frame advance key on accident before this problem started. Not sure if that is where the problem lies.
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  4. Could be the problem with capture card. Does the video still play fine on CRT display? Have you tried wiring something else to the elecrapo capture card
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    Although the VCR you are using is not really a good player for capturing but if a TV displays a good stable picture that means the issue is either you capture device or the ES15, Post a sample without the ES15 just to see what the differences are.
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