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    Originally Posted by Tek03 View Post
    So, between 704x576 and 720x576 there is only a stretch.
    I wrote that at least two times in this thread. I used the Terratec Cinergy 400 PCI capture card for many years, no need to disbelieve me.

    Originally Posted by dellsam34 View Post
    Such as?
    The issue is how signal drop outs are handled between these two drivers. The WDM (720) driver somehow creates more artifacts (I remember color splotches) after analog drop outs and needs longer to calm down. Of course this should not really have any effect if one is using a DMR as passthrough so the point may not be valid in all cases.
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    Originally Posted by dellsam34 View Post
    You should have posted 720 screen shots from the exact same frames to compare them to, But it's obvious that it's cropping not resizing judging by the disappearance of the left and right black borders, But it is not obvious what the top and bottom borders look like in 720 case.
    Indeed, I'll be sticking with 704x576 with 1.4 WDM drivers
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