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  1. Just a rant. I installed Adobe Premiere Pro to play with the speech to text translations. I have a file compare utility called Beyond Compare to make sure my originals and my backup copies are the same. I made a mistake at first and did not make a copy of the video files I wanted to play with into a new, empty directory. I had no idea I should do that for Premiere. After using Premiere my original files were changed and had a new creation date. Even files in the directory that I had not imported into Premiere. It goes in and changes the header information. Among other changes, I found a new field that said number of frames. As it is working, it goes through the directory you imported the video file from and inspects and modifies the other files there. I never modified any of the videos and never saved them back after translating the speech. I only exported a subtitle file.

    That is an absolute crap thing to do, in my opinion. At first, I thought I had a Windows bug or a virus changing my files.
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  3. Yes. That is it, exactly. So there is a setting that prevents it. Thanks.
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