Hi I'm the delims cat yes


I have a folder with many .mp4 files and I use a batch

for /f "delims=" %%F in ('dir *.MP4 /b /o-n') do set FirstFile="%cd%\%%F"
for example in a folder I have some files to choose only ony with a specific criteria, example DJI_0044.MP4 and DJI_0084.MP4 --> FirstFile assume DJI_0044.MP4, but If I put in the same folder another file called particular.mp4 I don't wont It go parsed and have to be excluded to get the correct result in %FirstFile%

Supposing in this folder is present a particular.mp4 file that I don't wont it have be parsed in this line, so the output %FirstFile% in no case have to contain particular.mp4, how to modify the batch? is there a way? thanks