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    Disgusted us too long a word for this.

    I have been a fully paid-up user of Passkey for several years. And whilst I updated my 93xx version several times I lately tended to take the view that if it aint broke then why try to fix it. True that, as informed in older posts I had issues with some disks but I did find means to play them regardless.

    Maybe the excessive heat we have been getting around here took over but having just acquireed a brand new BD release of 'Get Carter' I decided to update to the latest 94xx version.

    Whilst the update was successful, it killed my 'never expire'. I did not even have a 30 day trial and was expected to buy the product AGAIN to use it.

    If memory serves DVDFab does have 'previous form' in this when an update does what I have just described.

    Well I recovored the program be re-installing the previous version and the BD has played without issue.

    Really, this is bad practice and does not encourage users to acquire their products.
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    That's one reason i never bought any dvdfab product,their lifetime lasts as long as they want.
    I think,therefore i am a hamster.
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  3. Originally Posted by johns0 View Post
    That's one reason i never bought any dvdfab product,their lifetime lasts as long as they want.
    The same is true for most software companies.
    That being said I have never had a problem with my paid lifetime versions of Passkey.
    Except maybe the "fresh" install occasionally.
    My problem is since versions 8 started Passkey has to be connected to the Internet so it can 'Phone home" before it is fully usable.

    Also of longtime users of other DVDFab software like Platinum have been cheated in at least these two ways:
    1. It was supposed to do blu-ray also. Then that became only the first out oldest blu-ray encryptions.
    2. Then Cinavia came out & an extra module has to be purchased to "remove" it.
    When even the last time I checked the DVDFab advertising says that DVDFab DVD Copy ,etc with receive all updates to remove new encryption.
    Also will make the ripped DVD playable.
    What is Cinavia but an encryption ?
    It makes the ripped DVD with it unplayable.
    To call that something other than semantics is a lie.

    Now to Slysoft AnyDVD they were & are just as guilty.
    I paid for the upgrade also to AnyDVD HD so I have two lifetime licenses.
    Then the change of the name & supposed new ownership.
    That sells exactly the same software.
    RedFox This is a software company I will never purchase anything from.
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