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    Am having a problem syncing up a sub to a TV episode.
    The subs seem to be ~11 seconds late coming up.
    SubSync can't get the srt and video aligned, but before I try other methods (subedit etc), I was wondering if anyone ever came across a way of subtracting a constant amount e.g 't=00:00:11,000' from the listed times in a srt file to get it into the ballpark so that SubSync has a better shot at it.
    As I say, it's only a question posed before I look at the more conventional fixes.
    Thanks for any comments.

    00:01:41,384 --> 00:01:42,810
    - Afternoon, Doug. - Hey.

    00:01:42,914 --> 00:01:43,992
    What are you doing here?
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  2. locotus
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    Subtitle Edit > synchronization > adjust all times (earlier/later)
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