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  1. dewiclements
    I want to put some of my music up on YouTube because itís much easier (I think, anyway) to get people to like/subscribe there as opposed to SoundCloud or other sites.

    I want to make some simple visualizer videos that are synced to the beat of my songs. I guess worst-case scenario I could open up a VST plugin of an analyzer or spectrograph and use some software to record my screen.

    I donít have any experience with video editing software, so have you guys used anything that can accomplish this relatively simply?

    Alternatively, are there any good plugins that generate really cool visuals?
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    you are making the music but are trying to come up with something to display in the video that looks connected to the music?

    how about some animations like those videos that have animated musical instruments? of, you will need to work out perfect synchronization. it doesn't have to be musical instruments. maybe try animating some fireworks?
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    There are the visualizations in Windows Media Player, don't know if/how you can use them.
    Must be abe to find something similar
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