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  1. I recently purchased a DMR-ES10 and am having a heck of a time getting a remote to work with it. It didn't come with one -- but I have two N2WAKB0000055 remotes which both work fine with my other DMR-ES10s and are confirmed working. I also pulled out my ES-15 remote as well (EUR7659Y10) and no luck.

    I figured it was just a remote code issue and tried setting it via the combination of pushing '1', '2', or '3' + 'ENTER' on the remote but the display doesn't seem to change or react in anyway (i.e. no CHK REMOTE message on the display). It doesn't seem to react to any keys on the remote whatsoever. I did a factory reset of the device and no luck -- doesn't seem to react to any button presses in the Service Menu either. I removed the entire front panel of the device as well to make sure somehow the plastic wasn't blocking it somehow.

    Is it possible that I just have a bad remote sensor in the device itself? I do have a broken ES-10 and am wondering how difficult it would be swap those parts into this one -- I assume it's on the board with the display. The device is otherwise pristine and works great.

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    It's very rare but I believe I've seen one Panasonic DVDR with a bad remote sensor. I didn't end up fixing it but I'm pretty sure you should be able to swap it with another Panasonic, for sure the same model but I don't know how hard it might be as again I didn't end up fixing mine.
    The ES-10 is kind of popular as a pass-thru device for mild TBC so even without a remote it would be still useful to someone so don't toss it. My ES-10 had other issues so I ended up recycling it.
    All Panasonics use the same remote codes so any remote should work with another and if the remote number was wrong as you said, you'd still get something on the display telling you the remote number was wrong, as you aren't getting anything it has to be the remote sensor.
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  3. Thanks for the feedback! Oh yeah, I'll definitely hold onto it -- it's effectively my backup ES-10 in case my others go bad. Just would like to be able to get into the picture mode settings.
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