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  1. New User 3.45.0 on Windows of Lossless Cut. Missing extension and strange playback progress start time

    Appreciate any help.
    Opened a 2gb Mp4 movie
    I then set the start and stop pointers using the hand. I picked a clip that was like 2 minutes and started at the 27 minute mark until 29 minute
    I clicked export.

    1. The Exported file did not end in .mp4 It just had no extension. So I had to rename it.
    2. When I played the clip in VLC or Media Player on Windows 10 the progress of the video bar immediately jumped to 27 minutes in both programs and then played the 2 minutes.

    Thanks so much

    Trying to preserve some of my wife's family that is no longer around.

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    Make sure "show export options" toggle is set to on, then you can review the output info before it's exported.

    You can post some screen shots here if you need to. For example,
    Image Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

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