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  1. Hi
    How can I setup potplayer to use GPU instead of CPU?
    I want to play a 2160p video and it uses a lot of CPU.
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    Unless your video card can decode 4K HEVC, PotPlayer or any other software player will always fallback to CPU-decoding.
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    I always set mine to use DXVA: Preferences, Filter Control, Video Decoder, Built-in video codec/dxva settings... Check Use DXVA, enable all VLD... I also use the Direct3D11 video renderer. Click "Tab" while playing a video to see stats.
    Also under Filter Control, OpenCodec, you might want to enable all the decoders.
    I only have an older 1080p TV, so I never played higher resolution videos to check.
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  4. Thank you for answers.
    I have an old GTX 1050 TI video card. But with today prices is better than nothing.
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  5. Make sure the codec, color format, bit depth, and frame size are supported. AV1, for example. isn't supported by the 1050 Ti.
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