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    I shot a video over the weekend that was a little over 58 minutes, continuous shot with no stopping and it turned out in two different separate video clips. I haven't had that happen before but anyway, I played them both and they were fine. Then, I used Adobe Premiere Elements to merge them together and the last 20 minutes, the video was lagging and the audio did not match up with the mouth movement of the people. I have since upgraded my SD card from a SD HC to a SD XC and I am hoping that I won't face this issue again. I watched a couple video's on YouTube and also wondered if this camcorder will still split them into separate files anyway at the 4GB point? I'm not completely thrilled with Adobe Premiere Elements and just downloaded Shotcut yesterday and want to try that. I need something very user friendly because I am not very good at video editing. Anyway thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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  2. Instead of merging them together have you tried fade out and fade in ? right click over videos and you get this
    [Attachment 65996 - Click to enlarge]
    [Attachment 65996 - Click to enlarge]

    here is how you do it
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