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  1. Title. So my current monitor served me just fine for general purpose activities but it is not up for the job of what I'm now trying to do.

    I've looked at "color accurate monitor" recommendations but I really don't need top of the line 4K ultrawide displays which are what I keep finding. 1080p is quite enough for me, latency isn't a huge concern; my sole priority is color accuracy. I'd prefer a deal on something used, if possible. New is fine too as long as I'm not paying for something fancier than I actually need.

    Basically I have been editing some of my analog A/V captures to try and replicate their appearance on my CRT TV, as the digitized signal is never interpreted completely the same from my experience (especially in terms of contrast and color). But my monitor is nowhere near accurate enough to do this well even after being calibrated, and after viewing the edits on other devices it's always a surprise how the footage appears. I'm aware this is the nature of monitors but the more accurate my editing monitor is the better the result will look on a variety of other screens, be they good or crap.

    Does anyone have recommendations for good color accuracy monitors from maybe a few years back? Or even brand recommendations? 1080 is fine, either DisplayPort or HDMI. Built-in audio is a nice to have but not necessary. Thanks!
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  3. Super belated response but wanted to update and say first of all thanks for the rec, the ProArt Display PA247CV looks to be almost exactly what I'm looking for in terms of color accuracy/price point trade-off. Most critical reviews I'm seeing are that there isn't great QC on the factory calibration but once calibrated they seem to be excellent. Will probably pick one up soon.
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  4. Update, monitor came in and have started playing with it. I'm just using the sRGB preset the software/driver package comes with (havent bought a hardware calibration tool yet to be really picky, maybe an xmas gift to myself later) but honestly it's already night and day compared to what I was using before. Digitized some test footage and then viewed it on like 8 other devices and it looked good on all of them - super pleased!!! My orange-yellows look properly orange-yellow!!!!!! I feel confident I can capture and edit footage with this and it'll look good on a variety of end user screens.

    (Turns out many - not all, but many - color nitpicks I had with my captures before were just the crappy monitor I was viewing them on.)

    Thanks much for the rec aedipuss ... $300 is an investment (for my "grad student with an assload of student loans" budget) but well worth it in this case. Am quite happy.
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