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  1. There's a rather nice DVD menu that I'd love to be able to keep on for a DVD that I am customising with subtitles. Just one page, 4 items, which would fit perfectly.

    So... can this be done? I seem to be able to import the menu with PCGedit; only, that doesn't lead to a disc that's working properly. No doubt I need to further adjust something.
    If it can be done (maybe it's already covered in existing instructions?) I'd love to hear how.

    In this case, vobblanker won't work because the disc I want to edit has all 4 items in one ifo set. I tried that but I am replacing one of the videos with one with a different aspect ratio. It doesn't seem a possibility to have two different ARs in this design. Or if it IS, that would also solve my question just as well.
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    It is possible to do everything you want but it may require more time and work than you are prepared to invest in this project.

    DVDs use instructions written in a primitive programming language. You would use PCGEdit to replace the original instructions used the menu so they provide the functionality you desire for the DVD. PGCEdit has a trace function for debugging. If you already have an extensive computer programming background you can probably figure out how to change the instructions. If not, you have a long, hard road ahead of you.

    To be able to use different aspect ratios for the 4 titles, each one must be in its own titleset ("IFO set"). You will need to re-author the 4 videos so that each has its own titleset.
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  3. You could also do this with dvdremakepro (I have done this a number of times), but its not freeware and in sync with usually_quiet's reply you would have to do a bit of relinking. Worse if you are not familiar with any of the commands
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