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    I used to download MP4 files, a lot of them. I was not doing for quilte a long time.

    I always found great video quality in mp4 and play them from USB port of 3d supportin TV.
    Some time when I played 3D videos I always missed the 5.1 surrounds. I remember until 2018 I was able to find no way other than to play a 5.1 DVD .

    Now recently I notice many mp4 files are mentioned with (5.1)!

    Will they work If I play them on my theatre USB. I do have port! however I wonder if old DVD thaters by Samsung purchased 8-9 years from now, will be able to recognize the 5.1 AC3 sound?

    Anyone have any such experience?
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    Try playing some mp4 files with 5.1-channel AC3 audio and find out for yourself. If the files don't play with 5.1 sound then you'll have your answer. Performing this little experiment can't damage your equipment.
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  3. You can do experiment as advised by usually_quiet or check is there Dolby Digital logo on your equipment... If Dolby logo is present then on 99.99% cases everything should work correct.
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  4. A model number of the Samsung DVD theater would be useful to determine what it is capable of playing.

    For myself I use a USB port in my BD player.( It is an LG manufactured in 2012 & has no Cinavia detection)
    The Display function of the BD player shows the Audio being played.
    Further so does my Denon receiver that the Audio is played through.
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