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  1. I got this circuit board from Samsung flat screen TV. I'm curious what the main purpose of this board is. I'm guessing it has to do with interface to screen panel. White squares above coils are connection jacks to screen panel. Also, what is the purpose of the six pairs of coils? Other two boards in the TV were easy to recognize: power supply and hdmi/video/tuner.
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  2. Sure looks like the switching power supply circuit board.
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  3. Backlight Inverter Board.
    Thank you for that info. Googling around, I think that kind of board is used in plasma tvs, which were stopped being manufactured around 2014. Also there seems to be a good place called
    to get tv circuit boards if somebody needed to do that. In the above scrap tv, I also removed the power supply board, as it is full of useful discreet components (resistors, capacitors and transistors), now that Radio Shack is long gone.
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  4. I confirm it's the inverter board. The backlight is several fluorescent tubes, similar to ones used for ceiling lights but thinner and shorter. That board provides the high voltage each tube needs to maintain constant brightness. That screen would have six tubes to provide even lighting across the screen area.

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